Basis of my therapeutic work

Integrated solution-oriented counselling
The concept of the "integrated solution-oriented psychology / psychotherapy" (ILP) after Dr. Friedmann unites solution-focused, deep-psychological and systemic energetic methods. I do not analyse your past but look at your previous successes, however big or small. I work with your competences, quite specific to your type and your frame of reference.

The solution process exists of three interlocking methods:

solution and resource oriented
I construct with you a solution based on your strengths, resources and personality. In addition I use procedures after de Shazer's solution-focused brief therapy in which the 'positive' differencesė are recognised, and strengths are highlighted, i.e. solutions finding instead of stagnating in problems!

deep-psychology (NLP)
I work deep-psychologically to identify basic patterns / settings from your childhood. We check whether these behaviour patterns are still helpful even today or whether they are limiting thinking and behaviour patterns. If the latter, we substitute the negative permitting patterns with positive self-images and thought.

systemic energetical
We all live in systems, e.g. at work, in family and in society. People often take a position or role according to their inclinations and abilities. There is always an interaction between the positions. This can lead to conflicts if the needs of all 'players' are not satisfied enough. Conflicts are full of energy and can distroy your positive strength. I will use this 'negative' energy in a positive way, by integrating it back into your person.