Do you feel depressed and/or do you have fears which might end even in panic attacks? Are you confronted with people, situations or things which restrict you so strongly that you are not able to live your life adequately? Well, you are not the only one in the world, because many people are trapped in such ways. Nevertheless, few people are so courageous to take the first step to turn to somebody who can help them.

The aim of my therapeutic work is to help you recognize your strengths and abilities and live your life in a fulfilling way. Besides this, we will look in particular at what you need for life and how you can achieve it. Past mistakes and occurences are not analysed in my practise, but are solved with you together, i.e. your past is respected and accepted, however, our main work will concentrate upon the solution of your problem i.e. what works already? I will use you as my frame of reference to construct the solution. according to the motto: Constructing solutions instead of stagnation in problems, I would like to accompany you on this path and make your resources accessible to you again.